Any make, any model, any problem – WBW Surgical can fix it.

In keeping with our commitment to bringing our customers the ultimate in value, quality, and service, WBW’s expertise in repairs is unparalleled. Your repairs are serviced by some of the most qualified authorities in the industry today. WBW ensures the highest quality equipment repairs, industry leading turnaround time and unparalleled pricing.

Rigid Endoscope Repair

WBW Surgical offers the repair of all makes and models of rigid endoscopes including, small diameter scopes, operating laparoscopes, ureteroscopes and daVinci robotic endoscopes. Repairs include overhaul replacement of stainless steel shafts, light fibers, and image fiber bundles.

Equipment & Hose Repair

WBW Surgical offers the repair of pneumatic, electric and battery-powered equipment plus any make and model of air hoses. A few of the manufacturer repairs offered are Zimmer/Hall™, Stryker™, Micro-Aire™, Anspach™, Howmedica™, Midas Rex™, 3M™, Synthes™.

Flexible Endoscopes Repair

WBW Surgical offers the repair of all makes and models of flexible endoscopes, including Olympus™, Pentax™ and Fujinlon™. Repair capabilities include image bundle replacement, image stain removal, CCD video chip repair and insertion tube replacement.

Endoscopic Surgical Camera Repair

WBW Surgical offers the repair of all makes and models of endoscopic video cameras including Stryker™, Storz™, Dyonics™, Olympus™, and Linvatec™. Our vast array of repair capabilities includes the repair of Olympus EndoEye™ Video Laparoscopes.

On-Site Hand Instrument Repair

In addition to endoscopes, endoscopic video equipment, and power equipment, WBW Surgical also provides repair services for many other types of surgical instrumentation. With the precision of cold laser welding, your surgical hand instruments will be restored to their original appearance and condition. Repair capabilities encompass a wide range of repairs including many deemed non repairable by other ISO’s and OEM’s.

Autoclave Refurbishing & Cleaning

Autoclave increases employee productivity, while reducing employee safety issues. It reduces the liability of storing toxic cleaning chemicals. Autoclave refurbishing also increases in effectictiveness of sterilizer performance while reducing the chance for wet loads and cross contamination. New guidelines by AORN and several other government agencies concerning frequent sterilizer chamber refurbishing.

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