At WBW Surgical, we offer you benefits that no one else can match.

There is a saying in corporate America that you can’t get all three benefits: 1) quality of a product (or service), 2) fast turnaround and 3) competitive pricing at the same time. It is said that in any service you should only expect two of the three benefits. At WBW Surgical, we disagree. We do not expect our customers to compromise. Not only can you get all three, but we give even more.

Extensive Repair Capabilities

Technical expertise enables WBW to complete extensive specialty repairs that other repair sources cannot. This saves you from paying higher repair prices or purchasing costly new equipment from the O.E.M. WBW repair techniques are state-of-the-art and derived from extensive research and development.

Central Repair Center

Equipment is sent to WBW’s state-of-the-art facility for repair by highly skilled lab technicians. One location serves all your instrument repair needs. There is no need to send equipment to multiple repair facilities. The centralized repair facility allows for total control of the repair, which results in quick turnaround and reduced shipping charges.

Preventative Maintenance

A certified technician will perform an onsite Preventative Maintenance Inspection (PMI) of every scope. A PMI will identify scopes that need minor repairs before they become costly repairs. This process includes a 32-point condition assessment of each scope, inspection sheets containing the results of each individual scope inspection and a summary placing each scope in categories ranging from least urgent to most urgent repairs.

In-Service and Education

WBW’s in-service programs directly reduce repair cost by educating you on the proper care and handling of medical equipment. This reduces repair occurrences and the purchase of expensive new equipment.

Customer Service

Contact our customer service department Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm CST for inquires on instrument repair orders or for technical support services.

Same Day Quotes

Expert technicians inspect, diagnose and quote all incoming equipment the same day as received. If the estimation cannot be completed the same day (such as when fluid is present and needs to dry), the customer is given an “estimation delay” notification.

Industry Leading Turnaround Time

Repairs are expedited as “priority,” which results in a 24 to 48 hour turnaround for most repairs. Some exceptions would be small diameter scopes, operating laparoscopes, and ureteroscopes as well as the replacement of shaft and fibers.

Comprehensive Repair Documentation

Expert technicians inspect and diagnose all incoming equipment the same day as received. Each scope undergoes a 32-point inspection. WBW offers a comprehensive inspection document that gives a point-by-point assessment of each endoscope.

Customized Tracking Information

Detailed reports can be provided at no charge on a monthly and/or annual basis. At the request of the facility, reports can be customized to include any information or summary statistics deemed necessary.

Product Liability Insurance

WBW provides product liability protection to its customers.


WBW maintains that the quality of any repair is the key factor for determining the best value. The finest quality parts are used to assure each repair meets or exceeds industry standards. This, in combination with the technician’s experience and knowledge, assures the highest quality repairs.


Service quality is reinforced by WBW Surgical’s 90-day warranty. This warranty covers the parts and workmanship of the repair.

Customized Solutions

WBW is available to help assess YOUR repair needs and offers a variety of customized solutions.

Facility Tours

Customers are invited to tour our facilities to witness first-hand the expertise and craftsmanship that go into every repair.

Extensive Loaner Inventory

To help reduce down-time at your facility, WBW offers an extensive loaner program to all our customers at no additional charge. These loaners include rigid scopes, flexible scopes, video equipment, and power equipment.