We’re your partner in optimizing business operations.

Sure we can simply repair your endoscopes, but what we’d really like to do is form a strategic relationship to provide an effective tool in lowering your overall expenditures for surgical equipment repairs. Since our beginning, we have strived to go beyond the simple equipment repair and to add value to each and every transaction. From providing onsite training on proper use of endoscopes and onsite preventive maintenance programs, WBW is committed to forging lasting partnerships with each client.


Our Capabilities

WBW Surgical offers high quality, professional services including the repair and restoration of flexible and rigid endoscopes, surgical cameras (including EndoEyeTM video laparoscopes) and pneumatic, electric and battery-powered equipment as well as a wide variety of other surgical instruments.


Our Commitment

Quality is essential, but value is WBW Surgical. Our goal is to become your medical facility’s outsourcing partner, helping you manage equipment repair costs. We offer a streamlined repair process with industry-leading turnaround time. WBW Surgical has a proven system in place to add value to your facility – that’s just one reason we stand behind our No-Hassle guarantee.

Now that you know a bit about us, check out our Services to see exactly what we provide.